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SAS code for reading Census data, Powerpoint presentation

The Alabama Historical Radio Society has a newly updated website with a lot of information on old radios.

One of my lifelong passions has always been photography and I finally put together an online gallery of some of my work. It can be accessed from the following web site:

The bug in the above image is the logo for the SAS user group that I'm a member of (& currently newsletter editor). We use SAS extensively in Epidemiology. The second image is a set of juggling balls - I started juggling several years ago and find it fun and relaxing (it also entertains my kids). The streetcar scene is indicative of my interest in street car memorabilia - if you know of a list or newsgroup devoted to this topic I would be very interested in knowing about it.

I also have an interest in Genealogical Research. Here is a link to an excellent genealogy home page at PSU.

I am a Senior Systems Analyst in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Here's some SAS information on different topics...

This is my oldest daughter, Anna.

Here's a photograph of all my kids (click for a larger view)

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